The Green Attic will be an eco-friendly retail establishment, selling recycled home furnishings and accessories.  Inasmuch as the store will promote recycling and reusing, we also anticipate selling new accessories and furniture made from organic and recycled materials.  Home furnishings have been  pre-owned furniture and accessories acquired from past and present customers and clients desiring to sell their unwanted items, plus a few new accessories to compliment the store.

The store is owned by Toni Freeman, an Interior Designer and Jennifer Shipley,  Realtor with Keller Williams. The concept of this business was conceived after Toni was continually hearing clients ask “What do I do with my used furniture?” after  they had just completed a remodel or update on their home, while Jennifer’s connection with people moving in and out of houses and connection other realtors with similar clients, the business was formed.  Toni has had 30 years of retail experience by ownership of two retail business in Weatherford and Edmond, OK.

All items will be carefully scrutinized before being accepted as inventory, and pickup will be available to all clients for a fee.  If the item(s) are deemed acceptable for sale, a contract  will be offered to the client wherein The Green Attic will then place the item in the store’s inventory.  When the item is sold, the client will receive 45% of the purchase price in cash or 55% store credit.

Should the furniture or accessory need a little TLC and deemed not acceptable for the retail floor in its present condition, but noteworthy of “help”, the Green Attic will offer the client cash to purchase the item.  The Green Attic will clean, paint, upholster to “sales quality” condition, therefore, recycling and repurposing.

In the event, an item(s) does not sell within the 60 day consignment period, the item will be removed from the floor and the client will have 48 hours to pick up the item; or the client may elect to donate the item(s) to a non-profit group designated  by The Green Attic.  In this instance, a receipt will be provided to the consigner for the donation.  If the client does not pick up or elect to donate the item(s) within 48 hours after the consignment period, the item becomes the property of The Green Attic.

This store will allow individuals to “resell and repurpose” their personal furniture and accessories and clean out their garages and storage units.  As we all know being ‘green has become a way of life in the 21st Century.  Recycling and repurposing saves our environment and bypasses our landfills.

       “Someone’s Trash is Someone’s Treasure”